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Explore your neighborhood or create your own adventure with your friends!

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Discover in a surprising way

Set off on an adventure using your smartphone's GPS signal and discover unseen places and stories.

Your distance as the only guide

No map or accurately described routes. Along the way, your only clue is the distance to your next discovery.

Find hidden spots

Discover paths beyond the signage and uncover the most hidden gems and secrets in your area.

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Emoji Battle Helchteren

€ 6.99
9.9 km

The Haunted Quest

€ 14.99
8.6 km

Emoji Quest - Kiewit

€ 6.99
3.2 km

Après Quest: Beringen

5.7 km

We Claim The Streets

2.6 km

Spokenjacht: Domein Bovy

4.4 km

Create your own Quest to share with friends

Plot your tour on the map

Easily plot checkpoints on the map and determine what discoveries you will encounter along the way.

Create your own story

Let your creativity run wild and make the Quest all yours.

A treasure hunt for a party, a forest game for the club, a pub crawl with friends, an educational journey with the class or perhaps a culinary discovery tour with the family. The possibilities are endless.

Want a tailor-made Quest?

Are you looking for a unique way to put your company or organization in the picture? Do you want people to get in touch with your product or region in an original way? Do you like to give a digital touch to tours where you can share your knowledge? Or do you have a genius idea that you would like to collaborate with VerveQuest to create something unique? Let us know!

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Frequently asked questions

With how many people can you play your own quest?

You can play a quest 15 times. You can also play the quest more than once but the number of games limits stays 15. For example, you can play a quest 3 times with 5 people.

Is VerveQuest free of charge?

Yes, you can play VerveQuest completely free with your family or friends (not for commercial or educational purposes). You can create quests that can be played 15 times. 

If you want to use VerveQuest for educational or commercial purposes, please contact us and we will see what we can do for you. Do you have big plans and want to play a quest more than 15 times? Then please let us know as well! 

Do you need to arrive at the exact point you've clicked on the map?

No. Because there is some inaccuracy on the GPS signal, it is not possible to arrive at a point exactly. Therefore, there is a 7m radius of a checkpoint that you must reach before VerveQuest recognizes that you have arrived at the correct location

How come not everyone has a checkpoint at the same point?

Again, the accuracy of your smartphone plays a part. If you have an accuracy of 10m, then it may well be that someone else will find a location a bit further away.

How much mobile data does such a quest actually consume?

A lot here depends on how many different images you see in your quest. But you can easily save data by visiting the quest page when you are still connected to wifi, because all the data is already downloaded then. Throughout the quest, only your progress is saved, but this doesn't consume that much.

Can you play a quest at any time, or even abroad?

Yes, there are no limits on where or when you play a quest. Of course you have to make sure that you are playing on public property. Also for nature reserves there are sometimes restrictions, for example in the breeding season. Be sure to check this before you start a quest in a nature reserve.